Monday, July 23, 2018

Two Years, a Million Tears

Just thought I'd acknowledge my beautiful Mum, who left us at 9.46am two years ago today
I miss her every day, I can't believe two years have gone already, and I can't believe I'm still struggling as I am... ah well, this too shall pass
This photo was taken by my son Chris (her favourite Grandson, not that she had favourites... but we all knew, lol) on her 80th birthday,.
It was such a great day, she loved every minute - but then, she WAS easily pleased :-). My sister and I took her for a "girly" treat, the only one we ever did all three together, having her nails, hair and makeup done ready for our stretch-limousine ride to a winery for lunch with family... this was post-lunch... not looking too bad - all things considered, hic

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Liz said...

Your Mum looks lovely and anniversaries of losing someone you love are never easy. Treasure all those special memories you have. I lost my Mum 30 years ago on July 15th and although I still miss her, it is true that time is a great healer. xx