Tutorials, Templates and Other Freebies

I use Free (as in free to use) or Public Domain fonts in all of the sentiments I make and place here to share.  If I have used your font in any way you are unhappy with, let me know and I'll remove it from my "freebies" page. 
Any templates and instructions presented here were made by me...if there is any way you think I can improve them, leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.  Otherwise ENJOY!!

Swing or Flip Card Template (pdf)  

15cm Metric equivalent of 6" Card in a Box

Exploding Box Instructions

Gift Card/Money Wallet

The sentiments/images below are .jpg or .png files: to Recolour sentiments in Photoshop add a Hue/Saturation Layer.  To recolour using Word....use (Picture Tools) Format  Colour.  Play around with with the options, you can add shadows, special effects and borders easily too.

For best results, open the image (by clicking on it) then click with the right button and "Save As...."

Snowy Sky 2

Snowy Sky 1