Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not Quite Wine and Cheese

Those of you that read my previous post will know that I was (supposed to be) in my favourite place... Margaret River... doing my favourite thing "Wine and Cheese".  Things haven't quite worked out that way.
We were woken (we were sleeping in) by the manager of the cabins we stay in to tell us that our son had called (there is no phone in the cabins and no mobile coverage) to say that he was in hospital, but sounded okay.  My husband drove down to the road, where there is coverage, to ring him back.  We presumed that he had taken my Mother back to hospital as she was there last week.  That wasn't the case, he has had a serious accident at work - rolling his excavator and trapping his foot between it and the kerb.  Luckily there were several young men on site, they lifted the excavator off him and the owner (who thought she was having her pool dug that day, poor thing) took him to Emergency - again luckily only two streets away.
They admitted him straight away, he had surgery at 1.10 to try and save his foot.  He has multiple fractures and splits under his toes and on the sole of his foot, which are not the problem, and crush injuries: these have resulted in loss of blood supply to his big toe and the one next to it.  He is still in hospital - the unfortunate thing for us is that it is an hour away, the unfortunate thing for him is it is a very old hospital and in the throes of being replaced by what they call a Tertiary Hospital being built nearby, consequently not much is being spent on keeping Fremantle up to scratch.  He has top cover Health Insurance but can't be moved until they establish the extent of the gangrene in his toes.
We drove up from Margaret River, three hours away, waited until 5.30 for him to come back to his room (which had to have a mega clean as the previous occupant had an MRSA - not what I wanted to hear!) then we went to the site where Matt's truck and excavator were - my husband then drove the truck back (he's never driven it before) and I followed him in his car; which is a 4WD that I drive rarely and never at night, which it was by then.  We brought the excavator here as my husband will now have to do the 4 day job that Matt was there to do, then took the truck back to Matt's, picked our dog up from my Mum's (having picked up Matt's dog as well as it's too much for his wife with the twins and everything going on) finally getting home at 9.30 pm.  Toast for tea (fridge was empty as we're on holiday remember) fall into bed.  Up at 5.30 for work.
I'm now alternating with Elaine's Mum to watch the twins while Elaine goes down to visit Matt, she comes back feeds the twins goes back to see Matt, comes back to feed them before bed.
To say we're exhausted is an understatement, we have scaled it back a bit today - I'm going down this morning then I'll watch the twins this afternoon/evening while Elaine goes down.  Hopefully her Mum can come and help in the late afternoon or evening as bath time with a split feed (we're trying to keep to their routine) is bloody tiring - or perhaps not if you weren't 54, lol.  Elaine's mum did the first evening I did the second (had to ring hubby and tell him to come to help straight after his shower) so maybe we'll draw straws for tonight!
Anyway, I have to go.  Hopefully Matt can come home tomorrow - the amputation is something that can happen later apparently.  He is however off work for three months.  That's very hard when you have your own business.  He has good business interruption insurance, that will cover his debts, but once you lose customers it's hard to get them back.  Oh well, what can you do?  We'll do as much as we can, servicing Matt's clients as well as ours where possible.
Right I've had my "Whine" off to find some cheese!!
Until next time, whenever that may be, Donna


Woo said...

Donna! So sorry to hear about Matt, I will email xxx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Oh no Donna, I am really sorry to hear about your son's accident. What a terrible thing to happen to him.
No wonderful you are all exhausted, I know how tiring it can be just looking after one baby.
Take care and I hope that Matt has s speedy recovery
hugs Sue xx

Caz said...

Oh Donna, I really hope everything works out ok for your son. My prayers are with him.
Caz x

Pat K said...

Oh Donna, this gave me shivers reading your blog. I feel so bad for you all and am wishing your Son a good recovery. You must be exhausted with worry and lack of sleep time but as they say, when the going gets tough...the tough get going. With your strong family bond I know you will get thru this. Sending big hugs, xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oh Gosh - you have been running around a bit! It sounds like your son is so lucky that the damage wasn't any worse, but it must be a worrying time for all of you.
Hope he gets his treatment soon and can then start to recover properly.
It must be a huge relief to his young family to know that you are close by to help out.

I was popping by to say thanks for your lovely comment about my card. Of course you can 'CASE' away :-)
Take care
Caroline xxx

Tracey T said...

Oh, Donna, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts and healing wishes to Matt and the family. Thinking of you, sweetie. Hugs, Tracey xx

Dawn said...

Oh, Donna, my heart goes out to you and your family. What an awful, unfortunate accident. I hope your son is doing ok and gets proper care for his gangrene soon. They are lucky to have you close by to help out, but between caring for the twins and dealing with the accident, you must be completely exhausted. Sending big hugs and prayers your way. Take care, Dawn

Mau xx said...

What dreadful news Donna! know all about foot accident injuries :( with my dad.
Hope they manage to save Matt's big very important to us.
Huge Hugs Mau xx
Praying for you all especially Matt.
Please feel free to mail me if you wish.