Wednesday, June 26, 2013

and on it goes

Just a quick update for those that are interested;  Matt is still in hospital, unfortunately he lost the battle to keep his big toe - it was amputated yesterday.  At this point there is about an inch of toe left, but the skin did look necrotic today so he is going to have debriding surgery tomorrow, if the skin is not viable they will remove more of the toe, which is getting perilously close to the foot; the socket is still the most important part and everything possible is being done to save it.
The second toe is also doomed; it is being amputated tomorrow, how far down will be determined in surgery.  He is coping well, I call him my little soldier, even though he's 32 and not 5 :-)  I'm not sure how I'm coping - I think I was doing alright until hubby rang this afternoon (after dropping into the hospital to see Matt) and telling me he felt like crying,  his boy is suffering and he couldn't do anything to help him.  I've only seen my husband cry once and it was devastating as he is our rock.
We are, at least, being kept busy - the usual round of baby sitting meal making business running and hospital visiting doesn't leave much time to dwell; Matthew on the other hand is confined to bed with his leg elevated 24 hrs a day he must be bored out of his scone (don't you just love that Aussie term, lol)
I'm dropping into your blogs when I can, I don't always get time to comment but I am keeping tabs :-)  I am working on a DT card for the weekend - if nothing else it can get billed as the world's slowest card, lol
I'd better get to bed now, back down to the hospital tomorrow - I have found parking skills I forgot I had and an ability to drive to places I've hitherto considered too challenging.
Then I'll go and watch the babies so Elaine can go to Matt.  He was scheduled to have a "day release" yesterday so he could have the babies spend some time with him, but as he had surgery he wasn't allowed; it seems to be the only thing that has really got him down so far.
Enjoy your crafting... and your toes; seriously you don't realise how important the "little things" are until they are taken away :-) Donna


Desire Fourie said...

Thinking of you during this trying time.
Wishing you a wonderful 2013 and may it be all you want it to be. {I would love you to take part in my 600 Follower Give-away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.} Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Tracey T said...

Oh, Donna, that's such a shame. But at least with the toes away the infection should stop spreading and Matt can start his recovery. The babies will be a huge focus for Matt to get himself well. Will up my quota of healing thoughts to see if they have any effect - it can't do any harm, right? Huge hugs, Tracey xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Oh Donna, my heart goes out to you and your brave 'soldier'. It must be so difficult to see him suffering but at least you are able to help in a big with looking after the babies. Matt must feel very comforted to have such a loving family to support him.
Take care
sending you hugs
Sue xx

Woo said...

Donna I know I can't do anything to help on the other side of the world, but if sending you cyber hugs and positive thoughts for strength and resilience when you are being tested to the point of despair then take a heap of them from me for you and your little family xxxxxxx

Pat K said...

Oh Donna....I'm so sorry to hear it's come to this. My heart goes out to you, Matt and your lovely family. Sending healing thoughts and big cyber hugs your way. hugs, Pat K xx

deesdesigns said...

Donna, I'm so sorry I haven't been over to visit for awhile and then to read what what you've been going through these past couple of weeks. My heart goes out to you and your family. You have an awesome outlook though and that will get you through this tough time.
I don't think it matters how old our children get we still see them as those little ones that climb up on our laps for comfort when they have a bump or scrape.
Big hugs to you - Dee