Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dragon or Dinosaur Egg??

Thought I would post a few pictures of an egg I did for my sister a few years ago - she loves all things fantastical so I get my fix of wizards and witches, dragons and fairies, butterflies and whimsy by making gifts for Fi! 
 The egg is an ostrich egg, I cut it in half horizontally in a zigzag.  I then cut the top in half in a zigzag, the pictures speak for themselves really.  I painted the outside in a teal colour and then a coat of Duncan Pearl Acrylic.  Inside is lined with a stretch metallic type fabric: my sons were in the ballroom dancing circuit at the time and I had access to scraps of all kinds of fabrics, I still use some of the bits of lace and trim I got from their partners!

Dina the dragon baby (what else do you expect to find in an egg!) was a cheap ornament I found in a discount store, I painted her up and added a  bit of bling.  How cute is she?!  

I really love her little baby bottle, she has green Swarowski crystals along her spine and two tiny red ones in her nostrils.  

I'll post some more of these mystical themed projects soon, it seems appropriate coming up to Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Dina, see you soon - until then time will just drag-on (I can hear you groan from here!) Dee

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