Thursday, April 07, 2011

Home again, home again

Well, we are back in Perth after our little sojourn in Margaret River; it was nice and cool down there, we stay in a rammed earth cabin on a bush block so there were loads of possums and even a bilby visiting every evening!  It's still HOT up here, in our Summer-without-end!  Rain is forecast for tomorrow -it will be our first since the 0.4mm (which is about 1/100") we had on 1 Feb... if it happens!  I haven't had a chance to get any craft finished to post, hopefully tomorrow after work.  I thought I would show you the cake I made for my son's 30th Birthday in February in lieu of "real" craft.
 Matt is in the earthmoving business, like us (but not in OUR business any more, he has run his own since he was 18!) so I thought the earthmoving theme was appropriate: he bought a  truck and another excavator (bigger than his original and both of ours) a few months ago, the excavator is bright orange just like this!  
I "dug" a trench out of the fondant and made it look like sand (which is our predominant soil type here) by colouring raw sugar with food colouring.  The orange marker pegs are just tiny bits of rolled fondant, as is the    staff (with "measurements" drawn in food colouring) and the laser level - the yellow lumpy thing set on (in this case) toothpicks.

 Both the truck (I couldn't find a white one like his "real" one)  and the excavator were from The Basket in the games room cupboard, they were Matt's when he was young, in the case of the truck, very young!  I love to use stuff like this, it gives a further sort of reference to things I make, especially for my boys.  I used something from the basket for Matt's 30th birthday card, he loved it! 

Anyway, that was Matt's 30th Birthday cake, complete with sand!!  Hope to post some papercraft tomorrow, until then, Happy Crafting, Dee


Brenda said...

Gosh, so much thought goes into every one of your cakes. I love, love, love this!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! I bet your son loved it!!

Anonymous said...

Thought your cake was fantastic! Very clever & inventive. Well done.

Hugs. Linda.