Monday, February 07, 2011

Weddings Old and New

As we've just celebrated my mum and dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary (and I haven't downloaded any photos of it yet) I thought I'd post some pictures of the cake I made for my son's wedding: it was in November 2009 so I suppose it's about time.
 In real life the flowers, which are all made with sugar,  were a beautiful soft peachy pink, I've made the photos low resolution and it seems to have washed the pics out, but you get the idea!!
I used Swarowski crystals and pearls as trim around the bottom of the cakes, and in amongst the flowers; I made bracelets and earrings out of the same for the bridesmaids - they looked very elegant with the black lace dresses and cocktail hats!
In addition to the cake - because I always think I can easily cover more than I actually can cover - I made the bonbonniere boxes and the sweets that went in them; 120 boxes which means 480 serves of sweeties!!  Well more, actually, because I HAD to taste test - A LOT, lol!!

The sweets were coffee-macadamia marzipan, chocolate coated mint fondant, Raspberry liqueur ganache and "Tablet" which is a Scottish form of fudge (my mother is Scottish as is the brides family, so it was a sort of tribute to our heritage, oh and it tastes REALLY NICE!!

I did use the computer to print all the names on the bonbonniere boxes (and the guide to the sweets on the insides of the boxes) then stuck them on sheets of double sided sticky paper, which made it a little easier.  I've got to say, if I had my time again I would buy the boxes pre-cut instead of cutting them myself out of sheets of card.  A lot of unnecessary work, oh well you live and learn!!
Well that's about all the info you need on a wedding cake, lol.  Hope you enjoy the photos, until next time Happy Crafting, Dee.


kaz said...

Wow! What a gorgeous wedding cake, you are a very talented lady,

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

Hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!

Brenda said...

Wow Donna, every time I visit your blog I am in awe of your talent. The cake is amazing. The candy boxes are just fabulous. Wish i could eat a few of those!!

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