Thursday, February 17, 2011

60th Anniversary Cake

I thought I'd get this post up with a few photos of the cake I made for my Mum and Dad's Diamond Anniversary  on 3rd Feb. 

I made the cake in the shape of a diamond, quite funny really as I started with a square then cut it down: the only thing is I cut BOTH sides down -  so I ended up with.....a smaller square!  Finally I thought about the maths and got the diamond shape, lol.  
All the flowers are made of sugar.  The main ones are orchids, my mum and dad's favourite flower: "special people" are the only one's I'll make orchids for, the breakage rate (and therefore the frustration level) is high.  These weren't bad, I only broke a couple in the process - probably because there are not a lot of "filler" flowers; it's when you're jamming the little flowers in that you break the orchids!  
I have a couple of cards (for my son's 30th Birthday and Our Anniversary) that I'll be posting in the next day or so.... it's my son's birthday today so we'll be having dinner at our place tonight, celebrating our anniversary tomorrow and a PARTY at Matt's house on Saturday evening (helping set up in the day) - so it's just a case of getting time to blog :-)
Until next time, Happy Crafting, Dee

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Brenda said...

Donna, once again I am amazed at your talent. this cake is so gorgeous. I mean GORGEOUS!!!! The flowers are amazing. Wish we lived closer, I would have you teach me how!!!!!
Hugs, Bren