Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's a Birthday Without a Cake?........

As I posted previously, 7th August was my Mothers' 80th birthday, one of the things I did for her special day was make a cake.  Pink frangipanis are one of her favourite flowers and make a nice bright splash on what is here in Australia, a winters birthday.  Mum has been one of my staunchest fans ever since I started my life in craft, with cake decorating, 28 years ago and has always loved icing lace, so of course this cake has icing lace!  I've gotta say, the cake tasted good too and I baked an extra one at the same time - it's put away for Christmas - can't wait!!
The flowers and leaves are made of icing,
airbrushed with food colouring
The Lace is icing, the Pearls and crystals...... aren't!

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