Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Découpage or Paper Piecing

Here are a few cards using a technique referred to here in Australia (and in the UK at least, I think) as découpage. This technique is referred to as paper piecing in the US. This is a set I did for my Daughter-in-laws' birthday, I can't remember where I got the template for the gift purse, if I find out I will post it here. 
Anyway, as you can see the picture is built up in 3D by cutting and mounting  the areas that would be closer to you in "layers". In the first picture,the initial layer is the whole of the picture, the next layer just the lady, then the face and hat and the collar, then the brim and finally the bow (in two stages itself).  You can include as many layers as you like: all you need is enough copies of the picture. You can mount the pieces using silicone, which is a more traditional approach, or you can - like me and most others- use foam dots.  Découpage pieces look particularly nice in a frame.   The other card pictured was done using another image that came on the same découpage sheet, employing the same principles.  

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