Monday, August 01, 2011

Wet Weather and Wine

Well, I am writing this post from “Down South”…the cabin my husband and myself go to for “real” breaks – as opposed to holidays which (for us at least) are always very “full on”.
It is winter, and so there is a bit of blustery weather around…but that has made the cheese-and-wine-in-front-of-the-log-fire all the more appealing (it’s still not THAT cold to be honest, but we grab “winter” with both hands so we can justify all this sitting around wine guzzling, lol
Margaret River, the region we are staying in, is one of the premier wine regions in the world so the wine is a feature…but the wineries and so-called Cellar Doors are a major attraction in themselves, so many truly fabulous places and more impressive each time we come down.
The weather hasn’t kept our little visitors away; I thought I’d share some photos of them (taken from inside the cabin or from the verandah)  There's  kangaroos, of course...they're pretty timid and don't come right up to the cabin if they can see you, they're about ten metres away here - though they do come up during the night.   
 The possums and bandicoot visit in the evening; they come right up to the door, if you don't move too suddenly they'll practically take food from your hand. I love the way possums hold their food...they gaze at it before they eat it. 
We haven't had many finches or wrens this time..a bit cool for them I think,  but we have had the bronzewings and the ring-necked parrots: The parrots are my favourite because they have such ATTITUDE!!  There's always one on the roofs bars of my husbands car- running the show!  The rest strut around picking over the seed we throw out, the poor old Bronzewings get the leftovers, though they look like they get plenty -I'll have to get a picture up, they look like really overweight doves!
Anyway, I am colouring images like a demon for a cardmaking frenzy when I get home, lol.  I have got a card ready to post about…I’ll do that in the next day or so; the mobile broadband I bought specifically to use at the cabin doesn’t work – not enough signal – so I have to wait until we go into town (or at least half way there!)  For some reason there is coverage for my ipad, same network - go figure, but blogging from that is a bit of a pain, so I’ll just wait.
Until then Happy Crafting, Dee


Tracey T said...

Wow, Dee, it's looks so beautiful! Some years ago when I was in Oz I saw lots of kangaroos (they'd invaded a golf course!) and couldn't get over the size of them. Enjoy your cheese and wine! Tracey x

Ria said...

OH WOWWWW Donna I wanna be there with you!! if I bring my copics and more images to colour can I please come ;) LOL AMazing place and I would love to see the wild parrots I soo love parrots ;) hahah better that I am not there as I would try to bring one home with me ;) hahhahahh

have loads of fun on your break
hugss Ria

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh Dee, I love this photos. I wanna come vacation here too! Enjoy your wine, your cheese and your down time!