Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to Work We Go

As the title suggests, it's back to work for us today.  It has been a nice break, though having spent much of the time redecorating, that is probably not the right term!  We will file it under the "a change is as good as a holiday" category ;-)  As I haven't had a chance to finish any papercraft projects recently, I have a few baby/baby shower cards coming up very soon,  I thought I'd post some pics of items I have painted  as "baby" gifts -usually for my sons' friends.

This cute little group (called "Bear Hugs") was painted on a wooden box, I usually do boxes as they are practical as well as decorative.  I used a pattern by Debbie Cole, in her book " Heaven Sent Acrylics".  The paints, also as usual, are Jo Sonja.  

Heres a "quick pic" of the side of the box.

"Bear Hugs" was for my son's friends first daughter, I did another teddy box for their second - here it is:
The pattern for this little cutie is from the Ultra-talented Donna Gilbertson (fellow Australian), I found it in Australian Folk Art and Decorative Painting Vol 12 # 2.  Originally it was an Easter image, I just changed the contents of the basket from eggs to flowers.
I have painted quite a few things using Donna's wonderful patterns, they just "speak" to me, lol.  Check out her website here, I think you'll see what I mean!
I put pansies on the side to match her dress, originally they were much smaller, but I made a mistake on the fourth (of four, of course) "side".  Being a bentwood box, it just wouldn't wipe off, soooo -BIG pansies!!  They still looked alright, otherwise I wouldn't have given it to them :-)
"Little Ronnie" is offering #3.  The pattern for this darling little boy on his cute tricycle came from a book my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago: "The Cat''s Pajamas"  by Wendy Scott.   I find with painting, as with papercraft, that boy-images are hard to find, so I was really happy to find this one.
I made the frame using my trusty jig saw and router.  It is made of MDF, but painted and distressed to look like aged wood (so much more affordable and available, lol)
The technique use just washes, so I used tiny amounts of paint.  As you have to build layers slowly, the hardest part of this painting is being patient - NOT my strong suit, but as I love the effect I do persevere and "wash" quite often! 
Last, but not least, for today is this box, which I made for another of my son and daughter in laws' friends.  Actually this lovely young couple are one of the ones that I am working on a current baby project for (their second child is due in about three weeks).  They are also the couple that I did this card for.

 "A Proper Victorian Bunny" came from quite an old book by Jean Myers called Cherry Jubilee.  I got it (in excellent condition) from a second hand book shop when I first started painting and wasn't sure if I would use books: I now have over 170 books - I KNOW, enough already!!!! But I do use them, and they don't eat anything :-)  They do however take up space, my studio is pretty full now with the paraphernalia of various craft pursuits.  Like I say in my blog header, I AM a serial crafter!!!
Anyway, enough waffle for one day I hear you say.  I promise I will have a (smaller) post very soon, I'm working on stuff for a few great challenges that are up and about again.  Thanks for visiting and until next time, Happy Crafting, Dee.

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Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, you are so talented. I love these boxes!!! Gorgeous!